Giuliano Vozella Vol.1 - Caffeine Pack

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Giuliano Vozella Vol.1 - Caffeine Pack


Guitars and basses played and produced by Giuliano Vozella at Try Try Again Studio. 

226 samples divided in two folders:
113 totally wet (processed)
113 totally dry (as it was recorded).

Each sample is labeled with tonality reference and divided in: 

  • 30 Acoustic Guitars (Open Tuning, Riffs,  Chords Progression, Slide Guitars)
  • 30 Classical Guitars (Atypical Licks and standard Riffs with different sounds)
  • 31 Electric Guitars (Lo-fi, Jazz, Blues, Alt Rock, Funk-Soul riffs and Chords Progression with a huge custom sounds)
  • 10 Hollow Body Guitars (Jazzy and Gipsy sounds
  • 10 Basses (played with fingers and with the pick to reach the groovy vibes or the alternative rock sounds)
  • 2 SFX with typical guitar sounds as harmonics and frets sounds

Enjoy your cup of coffee.

I want this!
656 MB
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